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The Requiem Music Video

Recently,we had competition about making a Music Video For ” The Requiem ” (( Intro of  ATS’s linkin park Album ))

If  I win in this competition,I’ll upload a HQ version of that , now , you can check out in picture below !

If you want to check it out early , Enter here


More Branch ?!

This past weekend My Friends and I headed down to Nature for a little relaxation and some funny time. I think the last time we headed down there was early last year so this Picnic was well over due.

More Branch ?

Radiance !


Hey ! BBE Here :)

  Hey, my name is Abraham . You probably know me as either EbiDelson or B-B-B ,depending on which Linkin Park forum you know me from, or SuperBBB666 if you know me from Youtube.

I have Myspace page as well, but I mostly only use it to keep in touch with people that I know in real life, so I won’t list it here. If you happen to stumble across either one of it (my Myspace in particular is really easy to find), feel free to send me a friend request, but don’t be offended if I don’t accept it.