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best photoshoot ever ( Part 1 )

I recently saw these awesome shoots ! woOW they’re Epic !

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Cover Art Contest For Tonjah’s New EP

As My good friend Adiek84 said on her blog , there is new Cover Art Contest for Tonjah‘s New Ep , so I decided to do something for this contest . here is my Art :

and if you want to join this contest check out Adiek84 blog for more info .

” Awesome Day ” by Tonjah Featuring Annika M.

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Karim Sadli photographed Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani for the May 2011 issue of Vogue Paris with hair by Laurent Philippon. Golshifteh is know for her work in “Body of Lies” and next up is the biography / drama “There Be Dragons” directed by Roland Joffe.

For More Info click here

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You’re here to try to understand why you made it

oracle : Candy ? !

neo : Do you already know if I’m going to take it ?

oracle : Wouldn’t be much of an Oracle if I didn’t.

neo : but if you already know , how can i make a choice ?!

oracle : because you didnt come here to make the choice , you already made it !

you are here to try to understand why you made it !

( neo take the candy )

oracle : I thought you’d have figured that out by now.

neo : Why are you here?

oracle : Same reason. I love candy.

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The Requiem Music Video ( BaBak Version )

today my good friend Babak shared his version of  the Requiem music video ,  try to download here

he put on :

this video attached to special story , all Images are connected and they make one subject . this subject tell about the unclear part of ” Burning In The Skies ” Music video that  when you watch that you can understand it .

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West and Far Far away

I had Awesome time with my old college friends , we went to coolest place that I ever seen !

trip started with Hesam’s Text , that said ” tomorrow , West and Far Far away ” . that time I felt excited and I text that on my Facebook and Twit that and share that on LP’s society , after some hours , the trip begins !

Mohsen , Mojtaba and Ahmed cames and pick me up , we went to attendant other friends .

We arrived soon , so we wait for other friends , after 30 min , they arrived and we shake hands 🙂

this guy who smiling and waiting for my hands is mehdi , yeah you can call him big stomach 😀 on right , Abbas , and on left , Mojtaba with sun glass , Actually you can see chair on his hands , he try to show me how they work ! and I beg him plz stop that 😀

after that , we continue our way to ” west and far far away ”

on road :

after 2 hour , Mohsen said : ” man ! I fall sleep , what new with road ?! oh crap , traffic ! ” and then he sleep again 😀

” That’s Big and shiny ! ” Mojtaba said that !

we arrived somewhere that I can’t remember that name because we felt so tired , we unpacked and sleep well , when we wake up at morning , we figured out we sleep near Park , on sidewalk ! I thought that’s cool but Mohsen said : ” oh that’s gross ”

we packed again , I search for my camera and I cant found that but I found Mohsen’s old handy camera and when I try to put that in dashboard , I heard ” Click ” , Mohamad take that and then he laughed and said ” I take it , and you are looser ! ”

when we start driving on streets , I saw Mojtaba , and I freaked out , I cant believe that ! Mojtaba runs on street with a Pyjamas !

when I ask him ” why ?! ” he said ” hihihhi 😀 ”

we continued our way to ” West and Far Far away ” and we passed rivers , Beautiful places , nice trees …

hey Handsome 😀

when I ask mehdi ” why you do that ? ” he said : ” now I understand why dogs enjoyed that !!! ”

We unpacked near river in beautiful place , when they try to turn on fire I saw them ! I think they fall in love just like 2 lovers 🙂

I take some picture when I stand far from them , because I thought they freaked out if they see me !

and when that lamb saw me , he ran and start chewing my pants

when Mohamad saw me , he came to me , and saw lamb what doing he start laughing , the boy said : ” can you take a pic too?” Mohamad said : ” yeah ” and  he took a pic

the boy said : ” can I see that ? ”

I told the boy : ” hug the lamb ” he did it , and I took this :

we came back to camp , mohamad seat near me , and I said : ” how long is that ? ” and then : ” Click ”

mohamad laughed 😀

he take my camera and ran away , I pick my chair and seat near camp , Mohamad took this picture and said : ” Director : Ebi ”

we had awesome bob like killing :))


and that’s me !

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Arman become a director !

as I posted recently , I went to my old friend Arman‘s theater who direct that as well ! I took some pic there , here u r :

Behind the doors !

hello 😀 his name is Mostafa and he’s a good friend !

” What a geek ! ” My freind said that !

at last ! I saw my old college friends, I called them MiMi and Omid

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Iridescent Cover

today I Feel free to update my blog , I create a simple cover for Iridescent recently , hope u like it 🙂

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Only god can awake me !

yesterday I went to help my old friend Arman  who Direct a nice and unworldly theatrical , he need me to attach Dimer to projector , after I done , I stop to watch his rehearsal with his team , I actually think he should act too ! anyway , he invite me and some other friend to join him at Thursday , I will take some picture there XD

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