West and Far Far away

I had Awesome time with my old college friends , we went to coolest place that I ever seen !

trip started with Hesam’s Text , that said ” tomorrow , West and Far Far away ” . that time I felt excited and I text that on my Facebook and Twit that and share that on LP’s society , after some hours , the trip begins !

Mohsen , Mojtaba and Ahmed cames and pick me up , we went to attendant other friends .

We arrived soon , so we wait for other friends , after 30 min , they arrived and we shake hands πŸ™‚

this guy who smiling and waiting for my hands is mehdi , yeah you can call him big stomach πŸ˜€ on right , Abbas , and on left , Mojtaba with sun glass , Actually you can see chair on his hands , he try to show me how they work ! and I beg him plz stop that πŸ˜€

after that , we continue our way to ” west and far far away ”

on road :

after 2 hour , Mohsen said : ” man ! I fall sleep , what new with road ?! oh crap , traffic ! ” and then he sleep again πŸ˜€

” That’s Big and shiny ! ” Mojtaba said that !

we arrived somewhere that I can’t remember that name because we felt so tired , we unpacked and sleep well , when we wake up at morning , we figured out we sleep near Park , on sidewalk ! I thought that’s cool but Mohsen said : ” oh that’s gross ”

we packed again , I search for my camera and I cant found that but I found Mohsen’s old handy camera and when I try to put that in dashboard , I heard ” Click ” , Mohamad take that and then he laughed and said ” I take it , and you are looser ! ”

when we start driving on streets , I saw Mojtaba , and I freaked out , I cant believe that ! Mojtaba runs on street with a Pyjamas !

when I ask him ” why ?! ” he said ” hihihhi πŸ˜€ ”

we continued our way to ” West and Far Far away ” and we passed rivers , Beautiful places , nice trees …

hey Handsome πŸ˜€

when I ask mehdi ” why you do that ? ” he said : ” now I understand why dogs enjoyed that !!! ”

We unpacked near river in beautiful place , when they try to turn on fire I saw them ! I think they fall in love just like 2 lovers πŸ™‚

I take some picture when I stand far from them , because I thought they freaked out if they see me !

and when that lamb saw me , he ran and start chewing my pants

when Mohamad saw me , he came to me , and saw lamb what doing he start laughing , the boy said : ” can you take a pic too?” Mohamad said : ” yeah ” andΒ  he took a pic

the boy said : ” can I see that ? ”

I told the boy : ” hug the lamb ” he did it , and I took this :

we came back to camp , mohamad seat near me , and I said : ” how long is that ? ” and then : ” Click ”

mohamad laughed πŸ˜€

he take my camera and ran away , I pick my chair and seat near camp , Mohamad took this picture and said : ” Director : Ebi ”

we had awesome bob like killing :))


and that’s me !

El Fin

3 responses

  1. N3G4R

    interesting! were was that “west and far far away”?

    June 19, 2011 at 4:14 PM

    • N3G4R

      Oops! *where

      June 19, 2011 at 4:17 PM

    • West of Mazandaran

      June 19, 2011 at 4:19 PM

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