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Supakitch & Koralie


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“Lullabies to Paralyze” By Oliver Morris

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Brad Delson : Ebi , Word Up

My good friend Stefanie Blue Schmidt  surprised me with the best gift ever I get !

Brad delson : Ebi , Word Up !

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Should I Call them ; Vertical ?

Find these cool photos on , By Egor Shapovalov

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The Winner of “Awesome Day EP” Cover Art Contest

so my good friend Adiek84 present the winner of “Awesome Day EP” Cover Art Contest :

LUISA!!!! Congratulations, my dear. Not only did you win some great stuff, but your cover will be released worldwide in August!


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Awesome Day EP Art Contest

as I posted recently , AdieK84 sent awesome pictures for Art contest , so I decided to create new art for contest

If you love graphic design or something like that just check out Adiek84 blog to find out more info about this contest ! wow there are some cool awards !

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Linkin Park Paper toy

find this cool video on

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peahen dance

my good friend Stefanie Schmidt who love nature and animals just like me , record this awesome video  . check that out !


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New deadline , New pictures

There are some new things about Cover Art contest as I mentioned recently , just check out Adiek84 for more info !


People have been asking me for pictures of the artists to use for the cover, and as Tonjah and Annika made new promo pictures today, they’ve decided to give you some of them for the contest.
For everyone who already participated, you can choose if you want to rework your submissions or keep them the way they are. Sorry for that!


check out Adiek84 blog for pictures!


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Green House

just saw these on ” ineedaguide ” Blog , I Love the house look like these !

just imagine !

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