Short Story Contest

ok , after a while , it’s time to update this little weblog , and i think it’s the best start to announce a contest ! ok my good friend Adie start new good short story contest , i really like her blog and her special contests , so go on and take look there !


I’ve been thinking about a new contest here and as I know that a lot of my readers are hobby authors, I think it’s about time to do some sort of writing contest. After the huge success of the art contest, unfortunately the music contest was a total flop with only one entry. I don’t know what’s up with you guys, but apparently you aren’t musicians. So, let’s hope that the Short Story Contest is some more fun!


1. Only short stories are allowed!
Edit: Little know-it-all Antigoni actually read the “short story” Wikipedia entry and informed me that no more than 9,000 words are allowed ;-)
2. Please only submit English stories. If English isn’t your native language, and you feel that your English isn’t that great, let someone else check the story for spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes before you send it in (Beta-Reader).
3. Only one submission per person!
4. Send your story to
5. Do NOT publish your story somewhere else! Already published stories will be disqualified.
6. Deadline is March 1, 2012.

Winner selection:

After the submission deadline, I will post one story per day here, so that everyone has enough time to read them before the voting starts.
After the last story was published, I will create a poll where you can vote for your favourite story. The date of the voting depends on how many entries I’ll get. You will get some more information about that in March.

– Blog Post about the author
– Amazon Gift card for 10€ (the amount will change depending on the currency)

All topics are allowed. Cheers to creative freedom!

feel free to ask your question !

El Fin


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