Akira returns ! High Voltage V2.0 ?

so I was googling and blogging and i saw a cool news on Eric Nakamura‘s blog , Giant Robot , so without any more word , let see what Eric blogged :

No hype here for the proposed American bastardization of the classic and prescient Japanese manga tale of dystopian ennui and Armageddon that shook the world and changed the perception of comics forever. Nope.

One of the most influential manga artists in the history of the genre, Katsuhiro Otomo, 58, is currently showing the more than 2,000 original drawings that made up his most acclaimed work, AKIRA, at an exhibit in Tokyo. He has not been creating much new manga for the last 20 years, but last year’s 3.11 disasters in his native northeastern Japan spurred him to look back on his past work.

WATCH NHK World’s Tomoko Kamata’s report to find out why Otomo has come home again.

ok ,  as a fan of great band that always be interested of these manga and cool arts ( FYI so do i ) , i should scream and be so excited about this cool news ! and i think , they should bring us a new version of  High Voltage !

cant wait for that !

El Fin

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