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a short story about taiyo

after the disaster cause by the earthquake and tsunami in japan , a lot of people being very caring, giving and supportive to aid japan , and that gives enough hope to start working on this incomparable art ! as he said ” i made a new set of prints with hope to raise funds to help out the people who are affected by this harsh situation in japan. “

so after a while , has a chance to provide his art work, “taiyo” for linkin park’s special project.

the band was putting on a small intimate show in los angels in order to raise funds to aid children who were affected by tohoku earthquake in japan. people who raise more than $500 will be given two tickets for the event.

done 2 cool art for Linkin park before , that you can see them below

maybe, it could became real…

these days many poeple are using smart phones and also many cool apps , so do i ! but one of the best of them that we all know about it is @instagram , we take our phone , walking and capturing , sharing with friends and followers , but , what about making an @instagram App icon and try to make a real camera… ! that was a nice idea i saw on ADR Studio !

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