The Polaroid Z2300

A few years ago, Wallpaper remixed “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” to give us the ultimate party jam. Now Polaroid’s combined point & shoot size with instant print magic to create the ultimate party camera.

What we’ve got here is the Polaroid Z2300, a digital camera that makes sticky-backed instant prints at the push of a button.

The Polaroid Z2300 is the smallest digital camera we’ve seen that delivers instant prints. It uses Premium ZINK paper that can’t be accidentally exposed, costs less per shot than Polaroid film and has a peel-off sticky back . Print your favorite shots and save everything directly to the camera or your SD card.

Customize your 10-megapixel images: crop, add borders, or use the color filters for some serious par-tay. The Z2300 takes video too! All this comes in a sleek package the size of a point & shoot complete with the iconic Polaroid rainbow.

This tripod-mountable marvel is small enough to bring with you anywhere: wear it around your neck or toss it your tote bag and your party prep is complete. Just met a camera-loving cutie? Leave a photo to remember you by, and keep a digital one for yourself. Hide a LOL-worthy sticker in an unexpected place. Bring it with you to the dance floor to capture the ultimate party video.

The next time you’re reviewing your party photos mid-shindig and someone says “That would make a great print,” you can tell them “Just wait about thirty seconds.”

El Fin

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